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Latinx Feminisms

GWS 395
Galindo Coatlicue + State

This course examines Latinx feminist thinking in its complex and uneven genealogies. As a category, “Latinx” spans myriad geographical, cultural, and political contexts. In order to maintain these complexities, we will consider texts from a range differently situated thinkers in order to think more deeply about Latinx feminisms.

We begin by considering the multiplicity of Latinx identities and their complex relationship to Latinidad. In particular, we will consider the “X” in Latinx as a site of woundedness as well as the complicated relationship between Latinidad and other intersecting identities, paying special attention to trans identity and experience, Indigeneity, and Blackness. Next, we turn our thinking to Latinx bodies in motion through geopolitical forces such as borders in order to consider how Latinx feminists’ attention to multiplicity and in-betweeness give rise to a unique theoretical standpoint that complicates easy binaries between North/South. The last portion of our class will be spent examining Latinx feminist critiques of Empire and the legacies of colonization. In particular, we will consider the decolonial feminisms emerging from the Latinx context that insist otros mundos son posible/other worlds are possible.