There are few other courses of study where you can get the experiences you'll obtain in GWS...what GWS really did for me was make me into a better thinker and a more conscious human. 
-- Mallory Edgar , MPH, Co-Founder & Senior Consultant at Fifth Star Collective, LLC | Manager of Community Health at University of Chicago
GWS had informed the way that I experience everything in my life, from media to relationships to my education.  The Program is truly life-changing! 
-- Aubree Henderson, Director, Regional Office at iMentor
The general atmosphere in the GWS Department is very comforting and empowering.  I never had to look hard to find people to teach, guide, and inspire me. 
-- Justin Ostrowski, Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant, University of Arizona
The professors are passionate and thoughtful, and the department as a whole is filled with a feeling of generosity and kindness.  They want to see their students succeed and that is very clear. 
-- Dana Ahern, Doctoral Student in Feminist Studies, U-C Santa Cruz.
I still maintain relationships with several of my GWS professors and they are an invaluable part of my life.  They encouraged me to follow my passions, to be outspoken about what I believe in, and that one person can make a world of difference, even if only to another person.
--Kaytlin Reedy-Rogier, MSW, Program Coordinator for the Pipeline to Compassionate Care Project at St. Louis Integrated Health Network