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Mary Ramier Grant



Description of Mary Ramier

The grant will be awarded competitively and can be used to

  • Support research
    • research travel
    • research materials such as books, recording equipment, etc.
    • conference travel
  • Creative projects such as, but not limited to
    • zines
    • films
    • plays
  • Field trips that are related to gender and women’s studies
  • Other activities that promote the advancement of women 

Awards are usually between $100 and $500.  The Gender & Women’s Studies awards committee will determine the amount and number of awards per year based on the merit of individual proposals and financial need.  Money will not be awarded for tuition costs or living expenses.   

Requirements: All undergraduate women in good standing are eligible to apply.  Applicants should fill out an application form and include the name of a faculty member who might be called for a reference. 

Fall Semester Deadline:  November 16, 2022

Spring Semester Deadline: April 14, 2023


Past Award Recipients

Spring 2022

Ellie Pearlman

Alina Yamin

Isabelle Zhao

Spring 2021

Bhavana Khanna

Spring 2020

Emily Etzkorn
Chen Huang
Meera Joshi

Spring 2019

Caroline Halsted
Rubab Hyder
Bethany Johnson
Hildegard Luijten
Starlotta Milam
Lauren Paddock
Lateefat Sulaiman

Fall 2018

Kendall Furbee
Katrina Monreal
Nidhi Shastri
Julianne Yang

Spring 2018

Taylor Mazique
Rebecca Vining

Spring 2017

Krystal Collins
Hannah Nobbe
Yadira Ramirez 

Spring 2015

Ganchimeg Ganzorig
Arissa Moore 
Anuoluwapo Osideko 
Nimot Ogunfemi 
Yuqi Yao

Fall 2014

Athanasia Giannetos
Anuoluwapo Osideko
Stephanie Skora

Esther Bier