Jean Alice Scharre Thompson Scholarship


Scharre Thompson Scholarship



Please complete the application form and submit it with 2) recent transcripts, and a 3) letter of support from a faculty and/or advisor who can speak on the student’s research interests and/or commitment to gender and women’s studies and activism and social justice work.  Students must submit application materials to the Gender and Women’s Studies Department by March 15, 2021.  All submissions and letters of reference should be submitted electronically to

For more information, please contact Tasha Robles at Gender & Women’s Studies by e-mail at:

Previous Award Recipients

2020 Taylor Mazique

2019 Shameem Razack

2018 Eleanor Hinton

2017 Rachel Christie

2016 Sylwia Dutka

2015 Hana Nasser

2014 Stephanie Skora